Fat Loss Factor

A streamlined body is the very aspiration of every human being. A fat-free healthy body is always favored by men and women, not only because of decorative looks but also health considerations. People resort to all sorts of techniques to achieve this. They tried everything from starving to ‘wonder pills’; but more often than not, with no positive result, till Dr. Charles Livingston’s ‘Fat Loss Factor’ came to the market.

Dr. Livingston is an accredited chiropractic physician who was very concerned about the alarming rate at which obesity cases are increasing in America. Fat Loss Factor is a comprehensive and extremely effective program of 12 weeks, prescribing daily step-by-step activities.

Being an authority in the working strategies of a human body, the doctor realized the importance of liver, which breaks down toxic substances and fat. So, out of 12 weeks the first two weeks constitute the 1st phase of the Fat Loss Factor – the detoxification by enhancing the function of liver. The following 10 weeks constitute the second phase which is a compendium of diets and exercises.

Being a doctor, the initiator of Fat Loss Factor realizes the importance of metabolic activities of the body. So he has included food items that help correct and functional metabolism, thereby ensuring the overall well-being of the body. Side by side with a well-balanced diet Fat Loss Factor enforces a very realistic but intense work-out plan, which cannot be but effective.

While the diets are planned in such a way that the body does not lose any of the required nutrients, the exercises are designed to burn out the excessive fat from the body. It is a fact that the women’s fat cells and men’s fat cells are different in composition. So FLF has tailored its programs to suit men as well as women and also people of varied body types.

Fat Loss Factor has four different plans to suit the requirements of individual tastes and preferences. The program for beginners is entirely different from the intermediate users. There is another customized plan for people who are desirous of losing weight on an emergency basis. The film stars may need it for toning out their body for a particular character role. There is yet another course for extreme weight loss dieters.

Fat Loss Factor is a whole package consisting of a well explained e-book with a set of systematically demonstrated video clippings and DVDs. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The package includes low-fat recipes, recipes of healthy combo meals and even a plausible grocery list.

The review will not be complete if a negligible number of disadvantages of Fat Loss Factor are not mentioned. The customers, who found the program extremely effective, at the same time, enlist a few disadvantages. The food items that are prescribed in Fat Loss Factor tend to be on the expensive side. Another defect is that in order to follow the work-out plan of the program specific work-out equipments which are also costly are needed; or else one has to take a gym membership.

All the same, Fat Loss Factor is a highly popular program as what it recommends is actually a healthy life style.

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